Becoming KentuckyOne

Change Is Imperative to Become the KentuckyOne of Our Vision

It’s been just two years since KentuckyOne was formed and 11 months since the partnership with University of Louisville Hospital. While leaders knew there would be challenges ahead, dramatic and permanent changes across the health care industry make it necessary for all health systems across the U.S. to change. The pressures are especially great in Kentucky and for KentuckyOne.

At KentuckyOne today, costs are greater than revenue. To date, the many efforts to reduce expenses, grow services and reverse financial losses have not been enough. KentuckyOne must improve its performance by $218 million by the end of fiscal 2015.

Senior leaders are developing a plan to move quickly to reduce this budget gap. The plan will balance access, quality and cost, addressing essential questions:

  • First, how can we best organize KentuckyOne programs and services?
  • Second, what configuration of facilities will allow KentuckyOne to provide access to care?
  • Third, what level of staffing will be needed?
  • Fourth, how will we maintain and improve the safety and quality of our services?

KentuckyOne President & CEO Ruth Brinkley addressed these challenges with the Strategic Advisory and Operations councils and asked leaders to bring the conversation to their teams over the next two weeks. 

“We have yet to become the system we need to be to achieve our Purpose — to bring wellness, healing and hope to all, including the underserved,” Brinkley said.

Watch a video Q & A with Brinkley addressing the changes ahead for KentuckyOne:

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