August 21, 2018 | Volume 7, Issue 28
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Support Upcoming Blood Drive

We need your help! Jewish Hospital's blood bank is low. Through July of this year, Jewish Hospital has transfused more than 900 units of single donor platelets. Sign up to donate during the American Red Cross Blood Drive on Tuesday, Sept. 18, from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at Rudd Heart and Lung Center (Conference Center, 16th Floor). Reserve your donation time today! Visit and enter sponsor code: ruddhrtlng ...

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Prepare for Your Performance Discussion

From now to Sept. 17, it’s time for performance discussions with your manager. If you haven’t scheduled your discussion, take time to check-in with your manager now to schedule. The performance discussion is critical to helping you understand how you are doing and to discuss opportunities for your growth and development. Please bring questions and items you want to discuss. After your conversation, you'll need to log in to Workday and acknowledge that your performance review has occurred ...

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Scholarship Opportunities — RN to BSN

Walden University is offering four full-tuition scholarships for employees of KentuckyOne and CHI-affiliated hospitals who enroll in the RN-BSN Completion Program by Tempo Learning® for the Oct. 1, 2018 start date. With Walden's program, you can learn at your own pace and leverage your on-the-job experience and potentially speed your progress. The application deadline is Sept. 17 ...

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Optimize Your Mental Well-being Webinar

As science understands more about the link between mind and body, it’s clear that how you think can affect how you feel. Our August wellness webinar addresses how to maximize your mental well-being by helping you learn ways to imagine your Best Self and improve your outlook. You'll gain a better understanding of how building self-esteem, managing stress, eating foods that can help you thrive and being grateful can benefit your mental health. Plus, you can receive $25 in wellness dollars ...

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CHI Will Contribute More to HSAs in 2019

One of the medical plans you can choose during this fall’s Annual Enrollment period – the CHI High Deductible Health Plan with Health Savings Account (HDHP/HSA) – is a unique plan because it offers medical coverage with a savings component. The HDHP/HSA plan’s higher deductible (the amount you pay for your care before payments from the plan begin) may seem scary; but, your contribution from each paycheck is likely to be less than for plans with lower deductibles ...

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Receive $50 Per Preventive and Biometric Screening Exam as Part of Wellness IncentiveSubmit Your Forms

Planned Downtime for Infor/Lawson and ImageNow/WebNow is Aug. 25

Drink Up Challenge ($50 wellness dollars) Underway through Sept. 2

Scholarship Opportunities — RN to BSN — Application Deadline Sept. 17

Blood Drive at Rudd Heart and Lung Center Sept. 18

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