Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching

Coaching is an effective tool for leadership development. CHI has a cadre of internal coaches that are used to help leaders navigate specific situations by providing them with the tools to achieve successful results.

Mentoring Excellence

Mentoring is a collaborative learning relationship in which both Mentor and Mentoree have something to bring to the relationship and something to gain that broadens each of their perspectives. The purpose of the KentuckyOne Health Mentoring Programs is to support the professional development of all employees throughout the organization. By participating in this program,the employee takes responsibility for his/her development in partnership with KentuckyOne, which will lead to employee retention and the continued growth of KentuckyOne as an employer of choice.

KentuckyOne currently offers programs for:

  • New & current leaders
  • Nurses seeking professional development
  • Other mentoring pairs

Not sure whether you need a coach or a mentor? Review this helpful guide "Coaching vs Mentoring - 25 Ways They're Different" from Management Mentors.