CHI Organizational Change Management supports the divisions to achieve a change resilient enterprise through utilization of leadership-driven change agent networks that support the achievement and sustainment of desired outcomes and results that ensure the health of our business, communities and patients.

Change Management is a Leadership Competency and is also important because best practice research and experience shows that a focused standard approach to managing change effectively leads to improved and sustained outcomes and results.

KentuckyOne is currently formulating a strategy to become a high performing, change resilient organization.  Success will look like having KentuckyOne leadership engaged and our organization prepared for the rapid pace of change.

Opportunities are currently available for leaders to become certified change agents by completing the CAP and Work-Out trainings.

Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Workshop
Course Description:  CAP Workshop is focused on developing Change Agents, facilitators and advisors in the Change Leadership model and tools known as CAP, the Change Acceleration Process.  CAP is a model for leading and managing major change initiatives aimed at increasing the rate of and success of effective change in an organization.  CAP includes over 30 tools and is CHI’s model for leading and managing change.  The class is instructor led, 2 ½ days, via onsite delivery.

Course Learning Objectives
• Understand and be able to explain the CAP model.
• Learn CAP tools and how they can be applied to your department/organization.
• Facilitate various CAP tools.
• Understand the role of the CAP Coach/Change Agent.
• Develop awareness of coaching/feedback techniques, and,
• Coach other participants in effective tool use/delivery, facilitation and learning objectives.

Work-Out Facilitation Skills Workshop

Course Description:  Work-Out Facilitation Skills Workshop is focused on developing Change Agents, facilitators and advisors in Work-Out.  Work-Out is a process of concentrated team-based decision-making and empowerment used to resolve issues and improve processes.  A team of experienced, knowledgeable people with a stake in an issue is chartered to develop solutions and action plans. The team is empowered by key stakeholders to proceed with implementation (or given a clear reason for not proceeding or a specific direction for further study) and is accountable for follow-up of the action plans.  The class is instructor led, 2 ½ days, via onsite delivery.

Course Learning Objectives
• Understand the Work-Out process and methodology
• Understand the role of a Work-Out Facilitator/Change Agent
• Learn and practice tools for facilitating a Work-Out
• Gain experience in designing a Work-Out session
• Gain experience in delivering a Work-Out session

*NOTE:  To qualify as “change agent” within CHI you must complete the CAP and WO training workshops.

For more information or inquire about becoming a certified change agen, contact Ben Forsyth, KentuckyOne Change Agent Lead, or 859.313.4968.

You can also learn more through these useful tools:

1. OCM Webpage at InsideCHI

The OCM webpage at InsideCHI is accessible to all CHI employees through the national groups page of the CHI internal website.  The purpose of this page is to give an overview of the Change Management team and standard methods in use at CHI.  It also contains links to EPMO synergy documents and to the OCM community page.

2. Communities - OCM Collab Site

The OCM community collab site contains a repository of useful change management tools, templates, examples and documents for use by change agents, project leaders and facilitators.  This page is designed for more experienced change practitioners that have attended Change Agent training (Change Acceleration Process and Work-Out).

3.  Organizational Change Management (OCM) Playbook:  A guide for Change Agents (PDF)

4.  Introduction to Change Leadership Course - Download instructions to register for this class in LEARN.