Talent Review & GPS


Goals, Performance, Succession (GPS) is an online database system KYOne and CHI uses to store and review information about employee work experience, performance history, goals and career aspirations. The information is a combined effort between the manager and employee. Through GPS, leaders are better equipped to manage career development in a more efficient, thoughtful way.

GPS currently includes Managers and above.   For an introduction or refresher on completing your GPS profile and other GPS responsibilities, please check out the series of downloadable job aids and brief video tutorials below.


GPS Profile Quick Reference Guide  (PDF)


Giving Feedback (PDF)

How to Draft Developmental Goals (PDF)

GPS Development Plan Quick Reference Guide


How to Access and Navigate Your GPS Profile 

Manager Responsibilities within GPS

Password Reset


Talent Reviews

Each year, KYOne conducts a series of discussions throughout the organization known as “talent reviews”. These discussions are focused on a number of primary objectives:

  • Understanding the current state of our leadership bench strength relative to the talent requirements of our business objectives and strategic priorities.
  • Identifying strengths and development opportunities for individuals
  • Identifying emerging talent within the organization

Succession Planning

Succession planning is KYOne’s proactive approach to preparing the organization for anticipated vacancies in key leadership roles. Through this systematic process we ensure continuing leadership by cultivating talent from within our organization. Planned development activities are provided to allow our talent to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities critical to potentially fill these roles in the future. By strengthening our leadership for the future we ultimately strengthen KYOne and continue to become a leader in health care practice and outcomes.