KentuckyOne Leaders Commit to Leading by Example

KentuckyOne Health

The KentuckyOne Leadership Commitments (click here to download) were developed to guide leaders’ behavior with our community, patients, physicians, employees and one another. They are helping to define our new KentuckyOne culture.

Leadership Commitments in Action:

Alice Bridges on Leading by Example
Sue Downs on Encouraging Employees 
Shane Fitzgerald on Assuming Good Intent
Eric Gilliam on Encouraging Employees in the Face of Great Change
Ken Marshall on Cultivating a Culture of Safety
Jennifer Nolan on Honesty, Enthusiasm and a Positive Perspective
Benny Nolen on Open Communication
Tonja Williams on Building Trust

Leadership Commitments (click here to download)

  1. I will have ownership and accountability, accepting responsibility for what happens in my area. I will follow through on commitments and will not shift blame to others.
  2. I will assume good intent, seek first to understand and commit to open communication. I will empower and develop others through coaching, mentoring and teachable moments.
  3. I will talk about the future with honesty, enthusiasm and a positive perspective, that gives people the courage to go forward in the face of great change.
  4. I will make it safe for patients, visitors and staff to openly share questions, concerns and new ideas. I will foster an environment in which mistakes are treated as learning opportunities for improvement.
  5. I will lead by example, and model the way by holding people accountable for behavior that is inconsistent with our purpose and values. I will respect uniqueness and learn from others’ best practices with my commitment as an engaged leader.