New Saint Joseph Outpatient Care Center Opens in Lexington

KentuckyOne Health - Lexington Area

KentuckyOne Health has opened a new outpatient care center, a full-service diagnostic imaging center in Lexington, which began operation as Saint Joseph Outpatient Care Center today. The center is located at 1099 Duval Street off Tates Creek Road, just outside of Man O' War.

The Saint Joseph Outpatient Care Center will provide the same level of services as traditional imaging centers, including: CT, general X-ray, ultrasound, mammography and bone density. The facility will also provide laboratory services though Kentucky Laboratory Services on-site.

“It is our mission to provide high-quality care and convenient access to health care services for our patients,” said Shelley Neal, vice president, KentuckyOne Health Ambulatory Services. “The primary care and diagnostic services available at the Tates Creek location provide an opportunity for patients to seek quality diagnostic and primary care closer to home.”

In addition to the Saint Joseph Outpatient Care Center, the facility also features a primary care practice housing four physicians. The new Saint Joseph Primary Care Associates includes Dr. Ben Rambicure, Dr. Karla Groves, Dr. Michelle Wrightson and Dr. Mauverine Hall.

Additional space within the facility has been reserved for future expansion and may include outpatient rehab services and specialty clinics.

The facility is the second new diagnostic imaging center that has been set up as an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF) within KentuckyOne Health, ensuring costs of services remain affordable to patients or payors. The first was set up in Richmond, Kentucky.