Service with a Smile

Saint Joseph Hospital

Amanda Goldman (left), nutritional services director, and Pim Kulriwes (right) of nutritional services talked about their work at Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington.

At Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Pim Kulriwes serves meals to physicians, staff, patients and families every day on the “hot line.” When she is not there, her absence is noticed by the regulars and they ask where “Miss Pim” is that day. They are disappointed when they miss the smiling face that usually greets them every morning.

Amanda Goldman, nutritional services director, said that Pim exemplifies KentuckyOne’s core values of reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence, and has endeared herself to everyone she meets. 

“Pim is always in a good mood,” she said. “She’s one of the most kind-hearted and compassionate people I’ve ever met, which really ties in to our core values. She loves to nurture people through providing them with food; that’s her contribution.”

To see and hear more of Pim’s story as well as other employees from Saint Joseph Hospital, here are four video vignettes captured from Saint Joseph Hospital as part of the Purpose & Values Tour:

I believe we are here to serve others.
Compassion is looking beyond the day-to-day.
Offering hope to people in a world that seems hopeless
It is our calling and purpose to help the less fortunate.  

The tour is a statewide effort to promote the Purpose & Values of KentuckyOne Health and capture employees’ thoughts about their work and their mission. 

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