Earn a Reward by Designating Your Primary Care Physician

KentuckyOne Health

Employees: Take action by March 31, 2014

As we work toward creating better health for the communities we serve, we also remain committed to helping you stay healthy. An important step in maintaining your health is establishing a relationship with a primary care physician. Your primary care physician can routinely monitor your health, help catch health concerns early on and coordinate your care.

To help you make the most of your CHI health plan, you are encouraged to designate an in-network primary care physician in 2014 for yourself and your enrolled dependents. If you make your designation by March 31, 2014, you will earn a taxable gift card worth $15. If you designate a primary care physician for your covered dependents, you will earn an additional $5 taxable gift card, for a total gift card value of $20!

Quick Notes:

  • The designation process is voluntary.
  • The designation is not a part of the wellness incentive program.
  • This campaign only applies to those enrolled in the CHI medical plan.
  • Primary care providers include family practitioners, pediatricians, internal family medicine physicians and corresponding mid-level providers (nurse practitioners and physician assistants). Designating a primary care provider supports a more holistic approach toward your care, resulting in more effective and safe treatment.
  • Employees should consider a primary care physician within the local clinically integrated network, KentuckyOne Health Partners, so your primary care medical home can be established.

Directions to Select a PCP:

  • Visit the My Healthy Spirit website and designate an in-network primary care provider for yourself and your enrolled dependents. Simply click on the “Select a Provider” link from the homepage and follow the prompts.
  • Watch for information about your gift card reward. Since you have through the end of March to designate a PCP, your gift card will arrive in April. You’ll have a list of merchants to choose from and can select to receive your card electronically or in the mail.
  • Change your mind? Primary care provider designations can be updated at any time but updates should be minimized as the relationship with your primary care provider is how true care coordination occurs.

Anthem Can Help Locate Your PCP:

Anthem manages the medical providers and services for KentuckyOne. If you can’t find your PCP in the My Healthy Spirit “Select a Provider” tool, or have questions about the primary care providers available to select, call Anthem or visit their website:

Anthem Customer Service: 1.800.467.1199

Easy Steps to Find a KentuckyOne Provider (click here)

Note: Please make sure you use the My Healthy Spirit website or Anthem.com/KentuckyOne, not the KentuckyOne Health public website, for this campaign.

Additional Suggestions: 

  • If you cannot find your preferred provider, verify the spelling of the provider’s name by reviewing the provider’s information on their clinic-related website or by searching Anthem’s website (Anthem.com/KentuckyOne).
  • If you can't find a primary care provider in your area, input your preferred zip code (home or work), then change the distance indicator to be further or closer to your preferred zip code.
  • If you cannot find your preferred provider, verify the provider’s specialty using the Anthem website (Anthem.com/KentuckyOne). For example, an OB/GYN may have an internal medicine certification but they are listed within Anthem’s website as an OB/GYN specialist. OB/GYNs are not one of the PCPs you can designate on the tool; although that specialist can choose to see both specialty patients and internal medicine patients (as can other specialists). You can designate one of the campaign PCPs and still see your OB/GYN and any other specialists you wish to see.
  • Call the ITS Service Desk at 1.866.236.0441 with any My Healthy Spirit website tool-related issue.
  • If you and/or one or more of your dependents are not showing on the tool so you can select a PCP for yourselves/covered dependents, call Aon Hewitt who manages HR/Payroll Connection at 1.888.450.9450.
  • If you cannot find resolution through any of the above means, please contact Grace Kendrick via e-mail at gracekendrick@catholichealth.net

Resources for Download:

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Designate Your Primary Care Provider Overview Flyer
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