Creating Healthier Communities through Outreach

Saint Joseph Martin

Angela Salisbury, RN, and Valerie Jackson, laboratory director, prepared for their moment in the spotlight during the Saint Joseph Martin Purpose & Values Tour.

In the tiny community of Martin, Kentucky, employees at Saint Joseph Martin understand what an important asset their facility is for their town’s residents. In video interviews conducted for the Purpose & Values Tour, staff members there explained that the KentuckyOne Health priority of improving health indicators and community wellness for the state’s most vulnerable is a concept near and dear to their hearts.

“We work with people in the community of all ages from elementary school to senior citizens targeting areas most critical to people of our region,“ said Kim Sanders of the education department.“ For example, we have been trying to provide preventive vision locally for quite some time. We want to give the community help in preventing illness and disease – for the short and long term.”

Lab Director Valerie Jackson noted that in a great many important health indicators, Kentucky, particularly in rural counties like Martin, is truly in critical need of improvement. “We are 120 out of 120 as far as being in the worst health. That includes diabetes, obesity, heart disease and lung cancer. We have very unhealthy people in our area so that definitely needs some attention. That’s why I am so excited that is the goal of KentuckyOne – to create healthier communities across the state. We really need that to work.” 

Jan White, RN, who works in the emergency department, said she believes preventive care and community wellness needs to be a focus of her work at Saint Joseph Martin everyday and feels it is part of her personal vocation. “These people – they need us here. That makes you feel fulfilled. That is our purpose; that is what we were put here for.”

To see and hear more of the stories from Saint Joseph Martin, here are three video vignettes captured from the hospital as part of the Purpose & Values Tour:

Each day you strive to touch someone's heart
I want us to be the best
It feels like you're coming home 

The tour is a statewide effort to promote the Purpose & Values of KentuckyOne Health and capture employees’ thoughts about their work and their mission.

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