Nurse Delivers Personal Touch at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

Eva Maze, RN (left), talked with Roberta Butler, RN (right), during their Purpose & Values Tour interview at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling.

Roberta Butler, RN, has been a maternity nurse at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling for nearly 20 years and has been in the midst of joyous celebrations of many new births. Unfortunately, during labor and delivery sometimes one of the happiest moments for new parents can become tragic.

But for Roberta, it is just as important, if not more so, to be present and compassionate during those times for patients in their time of need. One of several employees interviewed during the Purpose & Values Tour videotaping at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling, she recalled one experience as a young nurse when a patient and new mother had to make a painful choice. But Roberta was there to do what she could do, with compassion and reverence.

“We had a mommy come in very early and it was apparent very soon that the baby would not be viable and the doctor warned us that the baby would not live long. The mother chose not to hold or see the baby under those circumstances, and of course we respected those wishes, but I wanted to help. I didn’t want that baby not to experience warmth and love in the very short time it was going to be here. I wanted that baby to know that this world is not a cold place, and to feel cherished in what time that it was here. So I held the baby until it passed from this world.”

To see and hear more of Roberta’s interview as well as other employees from Saint Joseph Mount Sterling, here are three video vignettes captured from the hospital as part of the Purpose & Values Tour:

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The tour is a statewide effort to promote the Purpose and Values of KentuckyOne Health and capture employees’ thoughts about their work and their mission.

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