Jewish Hospital Shelbyville Team is Ready with Compassion on Call

Jewish Hospital Shelbyville

Jo Higgins talked about her work with patients during her Purpose & Values Tour video interview in Shelbyville.

Jo Higgins at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville loves to tell people a story about a particularly memorable patient facing a tragedy because she says it demonstrates the staffs’ commitment to compassion and reverence. A woman and her husband were in a car accident and the husband was fatally injured. The couple lived four hours away and had no family in town.

“As a team we tried to keep her as comfortable as we could,” said Jo, a registered nurse who works in the emergency department at the hospital. “We called the chaplain in to talk to her and we never left that lady’s side. When it came time for her to be discharged, we stayed with her in the room and held her hand until the moment her family came to pick her up that evening. I feel like I really saw our mission being implemented in what I saw that day and it made me feel really good to work here.“

Jo is one of several employees recently interviewed during the Purpose & Values Tour videotaping at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville. The tour is a statewide effort to promote the Purpose & Values of KentuckyOne Health and capture employees’ thoughts about their work and their mission. 

To see and hear more of Jo’s interview as well as other employees from Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, here are three video vignettes captured as part of the Purpose & Values Tour:

We are Family
From Start to Finish
We Go Above and Beyond

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