Volunteer Your Thoughts and You Could be a Winner

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Have an opinion about how we can improve communications within KentuckyOne? We’re all ears. Be one of 300 KentuckyOne employees to share feedback about employee communications and you could be a winner. Employees selected for the KentuckyOne Employee Survey Panel will receive a $25 Visa gift card and the chance to win an iPad mini. The panel of volunteers will include clinical and nonclinical employees in hospitals and clinics, offices and support areas.

Participants must agree to complete as many as 10 online surveys during 2014. If you do, you will be included in a year-end drawing to win an iPad mini. To volunteer for the KentuckyOne Employee Survey Panel, complete the online form (click here). To assure a good mix of employee roles and locations, some employees who volunteer may not be chosen to participate. Federal income taxes will be deducted from the paychecks of employees receiving a gift card or iPad mini.

And a special thanks to those who participated in last year’s panel. We listened. We learned. And most importantly, we improved. As a result, we:

  • Explained more about KentuckyOne’s strategy
  • Supported managers, making it easier to communicate better with employees
  • Published This Week more regularly
  • Added downloadable resources to KentuckyOneEmployees.org

Unfortunately, last year’s participants are not eligible to take part in the 2014 KentuckyOne Employee Survey Panel. However, please continue to share your thoughts with us and your managers. Your feedback is always welcome.