KentuckyOne Helps Send Supplies to West Africa

KentuckyOne Health

On Friday, March 14, KentuckyOne Health loaded a container of donated supplies headed to Toga, West Africa. Volunteers, including Brian Yanofchick, senior vice president of mission integration, prepared the shipment at Supplies Over Seas' headquarters in Louisville. The majority of the medical supplies and equipment in this shipment will go to a hospital that is being built in Mango — a small city in the far north of the country.

Currently, people living in the area have to travel eight hours by car in order to access medical care. This new hospital will serve approximately 20,000 patients per year, and provide health and hope to people living in northern Togo, the Republic of Benin and Ghana, as well as the people of southern Burkina Faso.

As a Supplies Over Seas recycling partner, KentuckyOne Health regularly donates surplus or expired medical supplies and equipment. Regulations may prevent them from being used here, but they are still useful elsewhere in the world. Visit for more information.