Value-Based Behavior Guidelines Build Culture

KentuckyOne Health

What should Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence look like in practice across KentuckyOne? Questions like this from employees guided a team that worked to further define our shared Values as part of the effort to build the KentuckyOne culture.

These behavior guidelines range from “keep the workplace clean and safe” to “foster an environment of patient/family engagement and accountability in their care/treatment.” Click here for the full list.

Leaders and their teams are encouraged to discuss them during the annual employee evaluation and in other face-to-face meetings focused on how to put our Values and these behaviors into practice in daily work.

Special thanks to employees who commented on the guidelines as well as to the team who created them and then incorporated the employee feedback. The team members were:

Nancy Alvey, Community Member
Dr. Velinda Block, Chief Nursing Officer, KentuckyOne Health
Melissa Marksbury-Rowe, System Director, Patient Experience, KentuckyOne Health
Julie McGregor, Vice President, Engagement and Retention, KentuckyOne Health
Tanja Oquendo, Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Human Resources Officer, KentuckyOne Health
Deanna Parker, Director, Nursing, Jewish Hospital
Charlie Powell, President, KentuckyOne Health Medical Group
Lisa Rutherford, Vice President, Mission, Saint Joseph Martin and Saint Joseph London
Richard Schultz, Board Member,  KentuckyOne Health
Sr. Liz Wendeln, SCN, Board Member, KentuckyOne Health
Brian Yanofchick, SVP Mission Integration, KentuckyOne Health