Our Virtual Library Is Now Right at Your Fingertips

KentuckyOne Health

KentuckyOne Health employed physicians, independent practitioners, clinical staff and employees now have quick, online access to research support from professional librarians, biomedical literature databases, evidence-based practice tools, evidence-based nursing literature and care planning tools, drug information, ebooks, and patient education materials from virtually anywhere ... your medical office, hospital unit, home and even when traveling.

The Virtual Library offers not only research resources and clinical databases but also:
• Article and literature search requests
• Drug resources
• Continuing education nursing resources
• Automated article or topic alerts
• Online textbooks, training and tutorials
• Evidence-based practice bedside tools
• Patient education resources

For easy access, the library is available through the KentuckyOne network. If working remotely, users can access it through their KentuckyOne CITRIX connection.

Visit our Virtual Library: InsideKentuckyOneHealth.org/Learning/Virtual-Library

For a downloadable flier and additional information, click here.