Project GreenPrint Expands to Jewish Hospital, Frazier Rehabilitation Locations

KentuckyOne Health - Louisville Market

Project GreenPrint, the systemwide initiative to support and manage all of Catholic Health Initiatives’ internal printing functions, will expand to four new locations:

Sept. 28-29: Jewish Hospital, 200 Abraham Flexner Way
Sept. 29-30: Jewish Hospital Rudd Heart & Lung Center, 201 Abraham Flexner Way
Oct. 1: Frazier Rehabilitation Institute, 220 Abraham Flexner Way
Oct. 1: Jewish Hospital Outpatient Care Center, 225 Abraham Flexner Way

CHI and Ricoh are working together on Project GreenPrint, and employees at the four locations above can expect visits from the Ricoh project team in the next few days. The first steps of the project include discovery and fact finding to determine if our equipment will be replaced. Discovery activities include taking a physical inventory of current equipment and conducting in-person and telephone interviews with employees.

After the discovery activities, the project team will report findings and make recommendations to KentuckyOne Health’s leadership team, and validate recommendations with department leaders. Those steps may be followed by planning and preparing the facility for the potential relocation of existing equipment and placement of new equipment; conducting training; and implementing the program.

Throughout the project, the Project GreenPrint team will gain an understanding of our employees’ needs and develop a print services program that meets those needs.

Project GreenPrint’s goals are:

  • Reducing the use of paper and toner
  • Providing vendor-managed services, freeing up resources
  • Reducing print volume through paper use management tools
  • Improving service levels for all users
  • Making printing more secure with a secure print feature

Changes under Project GreenPrint may include:

  • Some printers may change location, based on needs determined during the discovery phase.
  • Printer default settings will change to print double-sided and black and white.
    (These settings can be overridden for anything you do not want to print this way.)
  • Training will be provided on how to use the new devices.
  • Individually owned printers will no longer be supported, but centrally located printers will have secure printing options. More information will be provided as the project progresses.

For more information, please visit the Project GreenPrint page on Inside CHI. If you have questions, please send an email to

Project GreenPrint is currently in place in the central and eastern market.