Hospital Orion Patient Portal to Transition to Allscripts Patient Portal

The patient portal currently in place at KentuckyOne’s Cerner and Meditech hospitals will transition from the Orion portal to the Allscripts portal. This strategic decision will provide for a consolidated and dependable patient portal system for patients and staff, according to an announcement shared in late January by Ann Shepard, CHI chief clinical informatics officer.

Orion patient portal data will be transferred to the Allscripts patient portal, which is already in place for KentuckyOne Health clinics using the Allscripts Enterprise Ambulatory Electronic Health Record (AEHR).

Both portals use the My OneCare name, and provide a secure online tool connecting patients to parts of their medical records. Moving Cerner and Meditech hospitals to the Allscripts patient portal will help avoid confusion between the two portals and enable patients to view both their clinic and hospital information through one view. The communication exchange between the patient and the portal comes from FollowMyHealth, an Allscripts product.

The Allscripts portal features an auto-invitation process. When a patient registers at the hospital or clinic and provides an email address, he or she will automatically receive an email invitation to register for the patient portal. There is also a designated support number for patients to call should they need assistance accessing the portal.

Timelines and transition details are being decided. More information will be shared as it is available.

Direct questions to Ann Shepard, or patient portal clinical sponsors Sam Alfano, regional chief medical informatics officer, and Mary Kane, regional chief nursing informatics officer.

Nearly 15,000 Clinic Patients Registered for Patient Portal

As of mid-February, 14,715 KentuckyOne Health clinic patients have accepted invitations for the My OneCare patient portal. This includes 7,047 patients in the central and eastern market, and 7,668 patients in the Louisville market. It is also an increase of 446 patients since Feb. 9. KentuckyOne clinics have sent nearly 24,000 patient portal invitations.