SafetyFirst Great Catch: Becky Brucker

Our Lady of Peace

Becky Brucker

While working second shift, Becky Brucker, a monitor tech at Our Lady of Peace, noticed a patient asleep in the wrong bed. She checked the monitoring sheet to confirm the patient was supposed to be monitored in bed #1, not #2. She called the unit to verify the patient was in the wrong bed and should be monitored for safety related to self-harming behavior. The patient was asked to sleep in the correct bed to be properly monitored for safety.

Because of Becky's Questioning Attitude and using the error prevention technique of Stop & Resolve, the patient was monitored appropriately and safely.

We need to follow Becky's lead and STOP whenever we realize that something is not right – and get help. Get the right people involved, follow the chain of command, and be very diligent in applying our error prevention techniques (RESOLVE) to ensure no harm occurs.

Thanks for your Great Catch, Becky!