New Process for Cerner Admit Orders

Effective Tues., Oct. 4, all physicians/providers using Cerner will need to use a new workflow when entering patient admit orders.  The following is a summary of the change and what you can expect on Oct. 4:
Current State:
Cerner’s current design allows for duplicate orders, inappropriately discontinued orders and orders being signed by providers without admitting privileges. This has resulted in significant lost revenue, delayed discharges for our patients, and increased calls from case management staff attempting to obtain the correct order.  
Future State:
Beginning Oct. 4, admission orders will be removed from existing Power Plan templates and all provider saved favorite plans. A new Admission Orders_KY plan will be created as a separate plan which should be utilized to enter admission orders. The first time a provider launches an affected saved favorite Power Plan, they will receive an alert notifying them of the change.
What you need to do:
Use the Admission Orders_KY plan to obtain an Inpatient or Observation bed. Re-save your custom plans, when prompted, to stop receiving the alert.
While this will be an additional plan that must be entered for each patient, the result will prevent discharge delays, calls from Case Management and allow the hospital to bill for services.
Refer to the Cerner Tip Sheet for details. Also, you may contact: Cerner Help Desk 502.587.4216 (option #2) or Parrish Butler, Clinical Informaticist, 502.593.1454.