Environmental Stewardship Call to Action: Printing

KentuckyOne Health

Pause before You Print
Tanja Oquendo, SVP, chief administrative officer and chief human resources officer, distributed a memo on Nov. 30 to KentuckyOne leaders with a call to action: Encourage Environmental Stewardship via “Pause before You Print.”

According to the EPA, average workers in the U.S. print about 10,000 pages a year, adding up to an $80 cost per employee per year (which is more than $1 million for KentuckyOne). Of that, an estimated 1,410 pages are wasted. As part of Project GreenPrint, we are asking ourselves to be good stewards of our natural resources through our printing practices. We will conserve paper, ink, energy and save money.

KentuckyOne Health is committed to environmental sustainability, and we are working to increase our positive impact on the earth and our communities. As we move forward with our green printing initiative, we ask all employees to strongly support this effort. Please work with your leaders to examine your department’s environmental practices and cast a good shadow for your co-workers as you strive to go paperless. Printing should be an exception, not the rule.

As we enter a new year, we will begin sharing more information and resources with you to educate, raise awareness and activate environmentally responsible practices around printing. There will be operational changes taking effect, beginning now, especially around removing unused or underutilized printing devices across the state by the end of the calendar year.

Other changes will include implementing an efficient new fax solution, standardizing the print policy, reviewing all printing devices for retention or removal, defaulting all color printers to black and white, and creating a reporting method to measure our environmental stewardship progress by facility.

Here are a few ways we can start reducing our printing waste:

  1. Don’t print meeting agendas, presentations or handouts.
  2. Email attendees a copy either before or after the meeting.
  3. Bring your laptop to show a presentation on-screen.
  4. Archive emails and documents on your computer (print to PDF instead of paper).
  5. Distribute memos, exchange documents via email.
  6. Bookmark Web pages instead of printing them.
  7. Work on drafts electronically and proof work on screen.
  8. If you must print, print responsibly: Print in black and white, double-sided. 

These little steps now will add up to significant environmental protections as well as cost savings. For more helpful tips and resources, visit InsideKentuckyOneHealth.org/Project-GreenPrint.

Thank you for your vigilance in printing practices. KentuckyOne and Mother Earth are appreciative.