New Employee Access Concierge Service Launched to Connect KentuckyOne Employees with Providers

KentuckyOne Health

By choosing providers from the Enhanced CIN (clinically integrated network) Network, KentuckyOne Health employees and their dependents will save money, have preferred access to preventative health screenings and services; and support the overall growth of KentuckyOne Health.

Choose Our Door and Save Money
Employees and dependents using the Anthem Insurance CHI Medical Plan and selecting in-network coverage save money. New to the 2017 plan, there is NO DEDUCTIBLE when you use KentuckyOne Health Partners Enhanced CIN providers.

Choose Our Door for Expedited Care
With our new Employee Access Concierge Service access line – 844.595.3503 – employees receive preferred access to physician appointment scheduling. This benefit is available to our employees as part of our commitment to your health and wellness. Dial the access line and tell the guest service representative you are a KentuckyOne Health employee. You will be assisted in finding the best provider based on your primary care needs, and will receive the first available appointment with that provider.

Choose Our Door to Support the Well-being of KentuckyOne Health
Choosing KentuckyOne Health physicians/providers, services and facilities contributes positively to our bottom line, which enables us to invest in technology to improve and enhance patient care, to create capital for future growth and expansion, and to invest in our most valuable resource – our employees!

Choose Our Door to Be a Brand Ambassador for KentuckyOne Health
Employees are our best sources of health care referrals into our system. If you choose KentuckyOne Health providers, services and facilities, you have the unique ability and perspective to recommend and influence the decisions of friends, family and loved ones regarding their health care choices. To choose a primary care provider from the Enhanced CIN Network or to schedule an appointment, call the KentuckyOne Health Employee Access Concierge Service at 844.595.3503. To see a list of providers in the Enhanced CIN Network, visit