Great Catch, Tina Nelson!

Saint Joseph London

Dr. Otoniel Puerto and Tina Nelson

Tina Nelson, RN, noticed a patient in pre-op “didn’t look right.” The patient was at Saint Joseph London for an outpatient surgical procedure – to have orthopedic hardware removed from a previous wrist surgery. Tina questioned the patient and found out she did not have a primary care provider and was not regularly being followed.

Concerned, Tina contacted Anesthesiologist Dr. Otoniel Puerto and reported her findings. Dr. Puerto then assessed the patient, who was ultimately taken to the emergency department for a workup. The CT scan revealed mesenteric carcinoma. The staff quickly arranged the patient’s follow-up care and she now has a treatment plan.

Kudos to Tina, who utilized the following SafetyFirst techniques to help this patient receive the care she desperately needed:

Questioning Attitude – Stop and Resolve
Tina had her antennae up and was aware of the things going on around her, noticing that something didn’t seem right with the patient. We should always have a Questioning Attitude. If something doesn’t seem right, or unsafe conditions are identified, we should STOP until we are sure that we can proceed safely.

ARCC – Voiced her Concern
ARCC stands for Ask a Question, Make a Request, Voice your Concern, and if no success escalate up the Chain of Command. Tina spoke up for safety using ARCC when she approached the doctor about her concerns.

Tina gathered the information about the problem and had a SBAR communication with Dr. Puerto, giving him the Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation.