KentuckyOne Health Preceptor Academy

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Do you want to directly impact the culture of your unit?
Do you like creating strong, competent teams?
Do you want to be a positive role model for your unit?

As a preceptor you can make a difference! The KentuckyOne Health Preceptor Academy provides comprehensive training and support to help nurses guide and educate the next generation of health care professionals.

Preceptors not only orient new nurses to the unit, but are also critical to the new grad’s skill refinement, real-time critical reasoning development, and socialization to both the organization and the nursing profession. If you have a desire to make a difference in the lives of the next generation of nurses, the KentuckyOne Health Preceptor Academy can help you realize that goal. The Preceptor Academy provides comprehensive training and support so that interested nurses can develop the mentoring skills needed for this role, which is vital to the next generation of nurses.

The training uses a blended learning approach which allows you to fully participate in the program no matter your primary learning style and to discuss your successes, challenges, and take your learning to the next level. Staff who complete the program will be recognized for their accomplishments and be pinned as a preceptor.

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