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The KentuckyOne Health email system is a business tool that should always reflect the KentuckyOne brand. Emails should be treated as professional correspondence, similar to sending a letter on KentuckyOne letterhead.

We are featuring a series of articles in KentuckyOne This Week to help you represent KentuckyOne professionally in all email correspondence, observing our core values and adhering to our email guidelines. We'll share quick tips for using our email system effectively, and respectfully.

This Week's Featured Tip: Answer All Questions

Have you ever emailed a colleague questions, only to get one or a few answered, leaving you to have to re-ask the unanswered ones (over and over)? When you receive an email with questions, don't just respond to the ones you can or want to answer, ignoring the rest. Use your email manners and acknowledge each question, even if you have to respond with an "I don't have an answer at this time" or "I'll get back to you."

On the other side, the person asking the questions shouldn't overwhelm the recipient either. Use reasonable judgment with your list of questions in one email, respecting your colleague's time and inbox volume. Your email should be brief and to-the-point for it to be effective and get results. Consider if a phone call or meeting would work better, especially if the information you need is more detailed.  

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