Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to Save Time, Network Improvements Continue

KentuckyOne Health

ITS Transformation 646 Approach:
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to Save Time, Network Improvements Continue

Teams are continuing IT infrastructure improvement work so you benefit from reduced IT outages, slowness and freezing, and an overall improved user experience. Recent highlights include:

 User acceptance testing for our virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project began the week of Feb. 20 at Saint Joseph Hospital. Following thorough testing, we expect to go live with VDI devices in most clinical and acute care areas at Saint Joseph Hospital. VDI is the practice of hosting a computer desktop on a centralized server instead of on the computer itself. For our clinical users, using VDI devices means they will log in at the beginning of their shift and their desktops will follow them — or roam — as they move to different rooms and devices throughout the workday. They will continue to use Tap & Go to tap their badges when they begin using a device and when they are finished. Their previous open session will roam to their current device with their applications open where they left off. VDI is expected to bring significant time savings for clinicians.

 At Saint Joseph London, 350 computers have been replaced as of Feb. 23. Approximately 500 machines will be refreshed.

 We are scheduling local area network (LAN) improvements for extended areas — primarily KentuckyOne Health Office Park in Lexington, Buildings A, B and C; and the 707 Pinnacle Centre Building. Assessments are getting underway and all additional sites are expected to be complete by the end of May. We are standardizing and optimizing LANs, which connect individual workstations to the wide area network. The first phase of this work is in progress at Our Lady of Peace and Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital.

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