Don't Wait: Complete Required Corporate Responsibility Training by March 31

KentuckyOne Health

Remember to complete your annual, required corporate responsibility training, available in LEARN, by March 31, 2017. It is important to complete these modules on time. This education is mandatory and employees who do not meet the completion deadline are subject to discipline, as outlined in HR’s Mandatory Learning Activities Policy.

Depending on your hire date and position within the organization, you will see relevant training assigned to you in LEARN on your To Do List when you log in. LEARN has occasional maintenance and downtime, so log in today and complete your training. Please report any technical concerns or issues with the training to the ITS Service Desk, 866.236.0441.

If you’re an employed physician, you will receive your annual corporate responsibility compliance training assignment on April 1, 2017, with a due date of May 31.