Giving His Time and Love

Our Lady of Peace

David Burton, Manager of Environmental Services, Our Lady of Peace

David Burton leads with a charitable heart and desire for service

David Burton said his mom used to say, “cleanliness is next to Godliness” when he was growing up. Apparently he took that philosophy to heart. His 31-year career with KentuckyOne Health has been focused on providing a clean environment for patients in our facilities.

Today, David is the manager of Environmental Services (EVS) at Our Lady of Peace. He has been with the facility for two years, having previously served at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville and the Jewish Hospital downtown campus, and working his way up to management positions in EVS and in facilities management. At Our Lady of Peace, he runs three shifts, 24 hours a day, to ensure the facility is providing a clean, safe environment for the patients. “I can’t go home at night and sleep well unless I know we did everything we could to take care of them. That’s a part of their healing. What we do is very important.”

Watch a brief video about David's story here.

David said at his facility, there is an outstanding team that understands how everyone must work together to achieve the best for the patients they serve. “You don’t hear much of that ‘it’s my job’ or ‘it’s your job’ kind of talk here. We speak in terms of ‘it’s us, it’s we.’”

For David, a native of Louisville, giving his all to others is in his blood. An ordained minister since 1980, he comes from a large family with eight children that “always had an extra place at the table for somebody who needed help from the neighborhood.” This desire for service has been evident in the many charitable projects he has been involved with through KentuckyOne over his years here, including four Habitat houses and many Dare to Care and homeless shelter food kitchen adventures. “Any of our facilities offer ways to get involved. It’s just up to the individual. You got to have it in your heart.”

These days, he is focused on an after-school program organized through his church called Sons of Issachar Academy that helps young boys at-risk in first through fifth grades. The program was named from men in the Bible in First Kings. “The Sons of Issachar are men who are considered righteous men and doing good things. We want them to see men who are going to work, men who are reading and know how to write and talk; to give them a vision.”

The program helps with homework and tutoring – but it offers so much more. David worked with one first-grader who was acting out, only to find he didn’t know his alphabet and was far behind his peers in his development. It was his frustration that was leading to his behavior. “It’ll make you cry,” David said. But David notes happily that young boy is now in fourth grade, and doing much better.

For four years now, David has been engaged as an after-school tutor at Sons of Issachar two afternoons a week. He admits it can be challenging, but is also rewarding. “It’s easy to give money, but it’s hard to give your time and really get in the belly of the whale. But we need to make a difference for these young men, and we can. What the world really needs is some love. We need more people to love more people.”

Fulfilling the KentuckyOne Health Promise

David makes a daily commitment with his co-workers at Our Lady of Peace to provide a clean and safe Work Environment for all the patients and visitors at the facility.

David is also a role model exhibiting Values-Led principles of Compassion to the patients that are served at Our Lady of Peace. He shows Reverence and dignity to the at-risk students he tutors and mentors.

Last but not least, he is a great example of Opportunity, as David climbed the career ladder in his 30-plus years from floor technician to manager through his hard work and dedication to mission.