Solid Plans in Place to Improve Your IT Experience

KentuckyOne Health

We’ve been hearing for a while that changes are needed in our IT organization: it’s no secret we’ve made some missteps and our IT infrastructure needs repair. With the help of employees across our enterprise who provided insights and ideas, we’re making changes to improve your IT experience. Please remember that change takes time, and improvements may not be visible until the end of the calendar year.

One change will be our ITS Service Desk provider. With input from across our organization, we have selected Unisys as our new partner for ITS Service Desk and end user computing support. We will transition these services from Wipro to Unisys by September 2017. Starting now, Unisys teams will be busy learning about our culture, our markets and our IT environment, and preparing to meet your needs.

Wipro has been a valued partner since 2012 and we appreciate the relationships we have with our Wipro colleagues, many of whom work with us every day. This decision is not a reflection of those relationships, but a decision – guided by our legacy, mission and vision – we must make to meet our business needs. Our core values have been incorporated throughout this process, too. During the transition, CHI and Wipro will remain one team committed to providing uninterrupted support to users and ensuring patient safety and quality care.

We will share more information about what this means for you, including new tools and processes, as we get closer to the transition.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns and ideas. We are listening.