April SafetyFirst Topic: Medication Safety

KentuckyOne Health

KentuckyOne Health is focusing on medication safety this April as part of the SafetyFirst program. Learn about the common sources of error and steps for improving medication safety in an article from the American Hospital Association:

Most of what has been learned in recent years about how to reduce medication errors and increase patient safety is based on two principles.

First, individuals, by the very nature of being human, are vulnerable to error. Although individuals are the focus of the error, errors happen because of the systems in which those individuals work. As a result, reducing error will require us to design and implement more error-resistant systems.

Secondly, we have to create an environment in which we can learn from failure – a safe, non-punitive environment that supports candid discussion of errors, their causes, and ways to prevent them.

These principles have a common denominator – they require the leadership and commitment of senior executives, medical, nursing, and clinical staff to create change within our organizations.

Read more at the American Hospital Association website.