SafetyFirst Great Catch: Steve Dean

Saint Joseph East

Steve Dean, sleep center tech (Polysom Technologist II) at Saint Joseph East, used his critical thinking skills to prevent harm from occurring to a patient when she presented for her sleep study appointment. The patient was complaining of chest discomfort with pain radiating down her left arm over the last few days, but said she was too busy to go to the hospital.

After some discussion with the patient, Steve persuaded her to go to the emergency department (ED) for further evaluation. After going to the ED, the patient was admitted to the hospital for acute respiratory failure. In addition, the provider noted the patient had a potential pulmonary thromboembolism (blood clot in lung).

Great work, Steve! By using STAR to Stop & Think about what the patient was telling him before Acting, Steve made the right call. He made the request for the patient to go to the emergency department for further evaluation and was then able to keep the patient safe and ensure she got the appropriate care she needed.