Celebrating WHAS Crusade for Children’s Wonderful Support

Frazier Rehab Institute

WHAS Crusade for Children has provided more than $1 million to Frazier Rehab Institute. The Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation recently had an event to recognize this amazing support.

Thanks to WHAS Crusade for Children’s incredible support over the years, the Frazier Rehab Institute’s services and facilities are stronger than ever. Leaders with WHAS Crusade for Children, the Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation and Frazier Rehab Institute gathered on April 3 to celebrate this historic support.

“Having lived in Louisville nearly my entire life, I’ve had the privilege to witness the impact of the WHAS Crusade for Children for decades – not only the philanthropic dollars they have provided to countless nonprofits in the community, but the volunteerism that they have instilled in so many,” said Leslie Buddeke Smart, CFRE, division vice president, development for KentuckyOne Health.

“Today, we dedicate a milestone that began in 1992 with the first $42,500 gift for a turn down rotating system. Since that time, the Crusade has provided year-over-year support to advance the level of care provided to our pediatric patients to the tune of more than $1 million. The Crusade’s philanthropic mindedness has made our community a better place. Today, we celebrate, commemorate and extend our heartfelt thanks.”