Tired of Re-entering Your Username and Password? CHI Easy Access is on the Way

KentuckyOne Health

Soon, a new and improved way to reset your CHI password and unlock your account will be at your fingertips. Plus, later this year, you'll have a better way to get to the applications, programs and websites you need to do your work.

CHI Easy Access, a new Information Technology Services (ITS) project, means you'll be able to sign on once (it’s called single sign-on, or SSO) and access multiple programs and applications without having to log in each time.

The CHI Easy Access project will start with a new, self-service tool for password resets and account unlocks. The ITS Service Desk receives nearly 20,000 calls each month for help with resets and unlocks: the new tool will give you real-time control of your resets and unlocks and reduce our costs significantly. During April, selected KentuckyOne Health facilities will pilot this tool, with an activation date of April 17. The project team will develop a detailed schedule for rollout to other divisions and the national office. This is scheduled to be complete by June 30.

As for single sign-on, the project team will gather input from market leaders before launching these capabilities in a series of small “sprints.” You'll need just minimal training to take advantage of all the CHI Easy Access features.

Stay tuned for updates, and get ready for an improved experience when resetting your password, unlocking your account and accessing programs.