Check it Off Your List – Required Training Due June 30

KentuckyOne Health

Cyber-attacks are a big deal, especially when it comes to our patients' personal information. We all have a role in protecting those we serve. That’s why there is a required CHI information and privacy security awareness training. Look for it in your LEARN inbox in early May. You must complete the training by June 30. Twice a year we need to brush up on the latest security risks and understand our role in protecting our patients and confidential data.

Once you log in to LEARN, you will see the course under your "to do" list. There’s an option to watch it in audio format (with a narrator reading each slide) or a non-audio text version. Whether you receive a reminder email notification or not, we are all responsible to check LEARN and complete the required training.

If you have any technical concerns or issues with the training, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 866.236.0441.