New Web Meeting Programs to Replace Live Meeting by Dec. 31

KentuckyOne Health

With Microsoft’s end-of-year shutdown of Live Meeting, we’re preparing to move to new applications for web conferences.

Starting Jan. 1, web-based meetings with less than 80 participants that are currently held with Live Meeting will instead use Skype for Business, which includes screen sharing and audio capabilities. Larger web-based meetings with 80 or more participants will use AT&T Conferencing, which includes the Cisco WebEx application for screen sharing.

December meeting participation
• As CHI team members are becoming aware of this change and start using Skype for Business, our phone line capacity is being maxed out at times; the good news is that we’re slated to have additional phone lines the week of Dec. 18 that will support the use of Skype for Business. Until then, please use your AT&T phone line for the audio portion of your web meetings. You may use Skype for Business for screen sharing. After Dec. 18, you should be able to use Skype for Business for all aspects of your web meetings.

• If you have issues seeing shared screens in Skype for Business, please contact the ITS Service Desk via Live Chat or 866.236.0441.

Lync is Skype for Business
We’ve received questions about Lync and Skype for Business. Lync is an older version of Skype for Business. If you have Lync, you will be able to organize and participate in Skype for Business meetings. Decisions about upgrading employees who use Lync to Skype for Business are pending.

Preparing for the transition
We’ve identified employees who organize meetings and determined who will move to Skype for Business and AT&T Conferencing. These employees are receiving emails about the transition now and can participate in training sessions offered through Jan. 12, 2018. Administrative assistants can participate in a training session that is specific to their role and covers both new applications.

When you’re invited to meetings that use one of these applications, you’ll see new meeting invitations that include Skype for Business or AT&T Conferencing information. You’ll have access to job aids that will help you participate in meetings using the new applications.

Want to be trained on the new tools?
If you are not a current meeting organizer but would like to learn about the new applications, we’ll offer additional training sessions in early 2018. We’ll share details about these training opportunities as they become available.

Questions or concerns? Please contact