See How Changes to Our Vision Plan Can Help You

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We know why annual eye exams are essential; they’re about more than determining if you need corrective lenses (as important as that is). Only an eye care professional can detect issues like glaucoma and cataracts in the early stages, and they can also spot signs of other health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

We also know that many of you who wear eyeglasses would like to have the option to purchase new frames each year (those frames can get a lot of wear and tear). So, we’re making two significant changes to our Vision Plan for 2019:

  • Annual eye exams at no cost to you (no more $10 copay out of your pocket)
  • New frames ($150 allowance) every 12 months (instead of every 24 months)

You can still see any eye care provider you choose, but you'll save money by visiting providers in our network. To find out more about your vision benefits, visit the well-being pages on InsideCHI.

Annual Enrollment – your time to enroll in our 2019 Vision Plan and other benefits – will be October 10-31.