Employee Performance Discussions Begin August 20

KentuckyOne Health Remaining Operations

By John Petrov, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

John Petrov, Chief Human Resources Officer

A key to the ongoing success of our ministry is successful employees who are fully engaged in their roles. We believe one way to achieve our goal of being the best we can be is to ensure employees have appropriate and timely feedback on their job performance from their leaders. Starting Aug. 20, leaders will begin scheduling times with employees to discuss their performance in fiscal year 2018.

This final phase of the performance evaluation process – the face-to-face employee performance discussion – will continue through Sept. 17. While you should be receiving regular feedback throughout the year, this time is set aside to give you an opportunity to have a formal discussion with your manager about your work performance.

The process began with your self-evaluation, which allowed you to share your perspective on your work performance. It gives your manager the opportunity to make sure all your strengths are captured and reflected on the performance evaluation. That, along with your manager’s evaluation, provides a good starting point for the discussion on where you are and where you want to be. I encourage you to use this time to share your thoughts on your self-evaluation and your manager’s evaluation.

As you move into this next phase of evaluation, please keep in mind that our goal as an organization is to be the best; that happens only when our team is engaged in our ministry each and every day. The performance measure of “meets expectations” illustrates that you are highly engaged and successful in the role you play and are making regular contributions to your core team, as well as the organization as a whole.

These discussions also will provide you with the opportunity to look forward, setting goals that align with the organization’s objectives established in RENEW, our strategic plan for the next three years. Exciting things are happening in our facilities and throughout our system and you are an important part of it all.

Thank you for your engagement in our ministry and all you do to provide exceptional service to our patients, visitors, community and each other.

Merit increases will appear on the Oct. 26 paycheck.