"Question, Persuade, Refer" - Training to Prevent Suicide

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There is perhaps no greater individual tragedy or cause for community action than someone deliberately ending their own life. Unfortunately, Louisville has a higher rate of suicide compared to cities of similar size.

In response, the Louisville Health Advisory Board’s (LHAB) behavioral health committee is organizing a major community-wide training effort September 9-15 during National Suicide Prevention Week. Its aim is to significantly increase the community’s awareness of suicide in hopes of helping prevent it.

Please help reach the goal of a world record for the most individuals trained in a technique called “Question, Persuade, Refer,” (QPR; www.qprinstitute.com), which can improve a person’s comfort and confidence in broaching this difficult subject.

While suicide has been discussed more openly in the press during the last few months because of the death of prominent celebrities, we recognize that many people are uncomfortable discussing suicide, even when family or friends may be in crisis.

QPR is an intervention that can improve the “Chain of Survival,” similar to CPR’s impact on increasing public’s confidence to provide life-saving interventions. QPR focuses on three things: how to recognize warning signs of suicide, how to offer hope, and how to refer to resources to help to save a life. Early recognition of suicide warning signs can be key to saving a life.

Please join Louisville, and the Louisville Health Advisory Board, in saving lives this September. We are striving to train 35 people in each training session. Anyone over the age of 18 can be trained in QPR, and the more people trained, the more lives can be saved.

If you or your team are interested in being trained
, please sign up via the following link: http://www.qprlou.com/.

Did You Know?!

Kelly Gillooly
, director of Behavioral Health Outreach at Our Lady of Peace is a member of the Louisville Health Advisory Board's Behavioral Health Committee? Thanks, Kelly, for all the great work you do for our community!