Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital Stroke Program is Breaking Records!

Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital

In August, Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital team administered Alteplase, a medication to treat acute ischemic stroke, a record number of eight times!

Alteplase (IV-rtPA) is indicated for treating patients with acute ischemic stroke caused by a blockage in one of the brain’s arteries. A blockage in the brain will decrease or stop blood flow to an area of the brain leading to decreased oxygen delivery. Without oxygen, brain cells begin to die.

Alteplase is the only FDA approved medication to treat acute ischemic stroke and has been proven to improve patient outcomes. Alteplase is a medication that can be administered to help dissolve the blood clot blocking the vessel in the brain that is causing the stroke. It must be administered within 3 hours (in some cases 4.5 hours) of the onset of the stroke symptoms. Every minute Alteplase is delayed, 1.8 million neurons die leaving the patient at greater risk for dependence and death.

Thank you to Dr. Ajmal Bangash and Kelly Martin, APRN. Dr. Bangash is Sts. Mary & Elizabeth’s only neurologist. He works 24/7 to ensure we deliver quality care and meet the needs of our community. Kelly Martin has been an integral part in creating a successful stroke program at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth by being a continued patient advocate and outstanding provider.

Both Dr. Bangash and Kelly Martin have shown tremendous dedication to the success of this program and to the outcomes of the patients we serve. Their commitment is easily recognized in the remarkable improvement our program has made. Our patient outcomes continue to improve, and our amazing providers pave the way for a long road of success.

Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Stroke Program Statistics:

Congratulations to Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Stroke Program team for providing this life-saving care to our patients!