Good Catch Reporting World Series

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6 West Jewish Hospital Staff with Erin Stanley as she passed out treats to the hospital units.
Jewish Hospital and Frazier Rehab Institute have introduced a new program that highlights opportunities for improvement in the delivery of patient care and place a positive connotation to reporting and investigating “near misses” – Good Catch Reporting World Series!

On August 31, employees participated in the "Take me out to the Ball Game Celebration," which included hot dogs, popcorn and photo props to kick-off the series. View event photo collage.

Employees have joined a team and will report Good Catches in Incident Reporting Information System (IRIS) to score points for their team. Teams then compete to make the play-off bracket with a Good Catch Reporting World Series Champion being named. The program will conclude with a Good Catch World Series Champion Celebration on October 31!

Definition of a “Good Catch”
Often referred to as a “near miss” or “close call,” a “Good Catch” is the recognition of an event that could have been harmful to a patient, but was prevented. Reporting these events enables investigation and follow-up so events can be prevented from happening in the first place, rather than reacting to mistakes that reach patients.

Response to a Good Catch
Events that are classified as “Good Catches” may not routinely be reported because of time constraints or the thought that they aren’t valuable, but, in reality, they are opportunities to learn, implement safer practices, identify barriers, and celebrate. All good catches will be followed up to determine:
• What happened and Why?
• What helped identify the “Good Catch”?
• What can be done to prevent the error in the future?