Employee Achievements & Accolades

KentuckyOne Health Remaining Operations

Congratulations to the following employees for their recent awards, honors and recognitions! Thanks for expanding your knowledge, honing your expertise, and providing safe, quality care and exceptional service.

Jenny Chism, Danielle Dennis, Tammye Hood, Cassie Maynard, Chelsea Reffitt, Donna Rhodes and Ashley Stephens, Saint Joseph Mount Sterling
Congratulations to the recent clinical graduates at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling for achieving their educational goals and continuing to advance in their careers. Jenny Chism, Tammye Hood and Donna Rhodes received their master's degree in nursing (management and leadership). Ashley Stephens, Chelsea Reffitt, Danielle Dennis and Cassie Maynard received their bachelor's degree in nursing.

Nevia Greenwell, Art Therapist, Our Lady of Peace
Nevia Greenwell, an art therapist at Our Lady of Peace, was featured in a recent Catholic Health World article discussing loneliness and how it affects people of all ages. “I think for every session I do, loneliness comes up,” she said. “It's very prevalent ...” Nevia works with emotionally struggling children, adolescents and adults, some of whom have survived abuse. She says issues of identity can make people feel lonely, or like they don't fit in with others. Read More

Marlene Hardin, RN, Flaget Memorial Hospital
Congratulations to Marlene Hardin, RN, skilled nursing unit, who received the DAISY Award for the second quarter of 2018. “I stayed in the hospital for a week and was in a lot of pain,” one of her patients said. “Marlene was always so observant and would go the extra mile. Before leaving, she would always ask if I needed anything else. The little things like that meant a lot.”

John Petrov, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, KentuckyOne Health Remaining Operations
On Aug. 29, John Petrov, senior vice president and chief human resources officer for KentuckyOne Health remaining operations, joined other top human resource leaders in the Commonwealth in a panel discussion during the Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management State Conference. Held at the OMNI Hotel in Louisville, the panelists spoke about challenges which they have overcome in their careers as well as what they have done to drive business success in their organizations. Read More

Additionally, John was quoted in a recent Witt/Kieffer paper sharing his career experiences and insights. “Individuals with solid skills sets, education and experience can work in just about any environment or organization as long as there is compatibility with the organization’s mission, vision and values,” he said, addressing the fading line in the sand that previously deterred health care executives from moving between for-profit and non-profit organizations. Read More

Deana Rowe, Unit Coordinator, Saint Joseph Hospital
Congratulations to Deana Rowe for receiving the Great Catch Award at Saint Joseph Hospital (July 2018). Deana, a unit coordinator on 2East, noticed that a previous patient’s information had not been discharged from the monitor and when a new patient arrived, it looked like the same patient was in the room. Deana put the new patient’s name on the monitor and ran a new strip. Great job, Deana! Thanks for speaking up and escalating your concerns!

Jan Simpson, Social Worker, Flaget Memorial Hospital
Congratulations to Jan Simpson, social worker, care coordination and social services, who received the Rose Award for the second quarter of 2018. “From arrival to departure, I had peace of mind as a patient because of Jan,” the patient who nominated her said. “She answered all of my questions and concerns, and reassured me.”

Jeff Willison, Histology Supervisor, Saint Joseph Hospital
Congratulations to Jeff Willison for receiving the Great Catch Award at Saint Joseph Hospital (August 2018). Jeff, a histology supervisor in the lab, noticed a specimen was labeled incorrectly while reviewing histology specimens. He took the specimen back to the OR, had it relabeled, and put in an IRIS report. Great job, Jeff! Thanks for speaking up and escalating your concerns!

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