Time Is Running Out: Complete Your Wellness Program Activities, Choose Reward by Sept. 28

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The last day to earn your wellness dollars is Friday, Sept. 28. Finish up your activities and choose your reward by Sept. 28!

If you participated in the wellness program this year and earned wellness dollars, you have until Sept. 28 to choose your reward. Don’t miss out – you’ve earned it. Select from two great options: a gift card or deposits into your health account.

Don’t forget, if you have a spouse who participated in the wellness program, he or she needs to choose a reward by the due date, too. Your spouse can choose a different reward option than you select.

If you (or your spouse) select the gift card option, you must choose the merchant (such as Visa, Best Buy, etc.) by Oct. 31. If you miss that due date, you’ll lose your wellness dollars. No one wants that to happen, so visit the well-being pages on InsideCHI, click Wellness and make your selections.

As a reminder, wellness dollars used to redeem gift cards will be considered taxable income. The taxes will be deducted (for gift cards you and/or your spouse select) from your December paychecks.

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