Market Adjustments for KentuckyOne Health Medical Group Divesting Operations

KentuckyOne Health Divesting Operations

KentuckyOne Health and our leadership teams understand that investing in our employees is critical to the overall success of our organization. Because of this, we have reviewed market data and finances, and have made the decision to move forward with market adjustments for some positions at KentuckyOne Health Medical Group (KMG) divesting operations in the Louisville market.

Positions that will be eligible for the adjustments include certified medical assistants, certified medical assistants with x-ray limited, appointment schedulers, receptionists, insurance verification representatives and surgery scheduler positions. These adjustments will allow the KMG divesting operations in Louisville to continue to be market competitive for the purposes of recruitment and retention. Over 300 employees will benefit from these market adjustments.

As the decision has been made to make these adjustments for these identified positions at this time, we will continue to evaluate competitive pay for all positions with the goal of positioning our workforce for long-term success.

The effective date for the market adjustments is November 4, 2018 with the increase appearing on paychecks dated November 23, 2018.

Employees eligible for market adjustments will receive letters from their individual leaders communicating their level of adjustments. These adjustments are currently only being made for employees at the KMG divesting operations in Louisville.

Investing in market adjustments for positions, such as certified medical assistants, shows an ongoing commitment to our divesting facility employees while work continues to prepare the divesting facilities for success with future owners.