It's Time to Vote!

KentuckyOne Health

Nov. 6 is Election Day — Make sure your voice is heard by going to the polls!

Casting your ballot is an important part of the political process and one that CHI and KentuckyOne Health encourages all eligible employees to participate in on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6. In fact, KentuckyOne allows non-exempt employees to take time off to vote in local, state and federal elections when their work schedules do not permit appropriate time for such activities.

All employees should be able to vote either before or after regularly assigned work hours. However, when this is not possible due to work schedules, department leaders are authorized to grant a reasonable period of time, up to four hours, during the workday to vote provided the employee applies for the time off prior to Election Day. KentuckyOne Health may specify which hours the employee may be absent. Time off for voting should be paid from the employee’s available PTO bank. Access the KentuckyOne Health Time Off to Vote policy in Policy Stat for more details. CHI’s nonpartisan My Voice, My Vote initiative continues to promote voter registration and education.

Remember: As you advocate for candidates and issues, please do not to use your company email to demonstrate your support for political campaigns or to solicit votes. Catholic Health Initiatives/KentuckyOne Health encourages participation in the political process based on each individual’s interests and judgment, but please do not release anything on behalf of the organization or using company resources.