Celebrating Our Nurses, Sharing Their Stories of Dedication and Excellence

KentuckyOne Health Remaining Operations

By Kimberly Hatchel, DNP, MHA, MSN, RN, CENP, SVP/Market Chief Nursing Officer

Kim Hatchel, Chief Nursing Officer

As the temperatures cool denoting the transition into fall weather – and not just the season – we recognize the constant of change in our world. The same can be said for health care organizations like KentuckyOne.

In the bigger world of health care, we are responding to the evolving health care quality agenda. On a smaller scale, KentuckyOne Health is in the midst of our Renew Strategic Plan and our nursing strategic plan is beginning to take shape. In my eight months as your market chief nursing officer, I have had the opportunity to get to know many people who contribute a great deal to our ministry, each striving to meet the spirit and goals of our mission statement, bringing wellness, healing and hope to all, including the underserved.

Our nurses play a key role in meeting that mission, and I am proud to be part of a great team of nurses who have put together the fall 2018 issue of KentuckyOne Nurse. The dedication of our nurses to be innovative, caring and proactive in addressing the challenges we in health care face is evident in the stories shared by our team.

I am proud to serve with the team at Saint Joseph London, which worked to change the culture to empower everyone to speak up if they have a safety concern. We know that quality patient experience is key to success in our facilities, and Saint Joseph Berea has worked to establish better relationships across departments through interdepartmental rounding to address different challenges in service, including decreasing emergency department wait times. At Saint Joseph Mount Sterling, the team is committed to providing prompt recognition and treatment of stroke patients and have worked the past few months to become “stroke ready.” Finally, our emergency departments across the ministry are working to elevate patient care by standardizing the process so that efficiency is optimized.

These are just a few examples of how we are working to not only meet the goals of our strategic vision, but will also guide us in better serving our communities and mission.

Please enjoy the fall issue of KentuckyOne Nurse. Thank you.