‘My CHI Knowledge Hub’ is the New & Improved LEARN

KentuckyOne Health Remaining Operations

Having trouble logging on? Read the message at the bottom of the page regarding Single Sign-On Errors.

LEARN transitioned to ‘My CHI Knowledge Hub’ on Sept. 27

My CHI Knowledge Hub, our LEARN replacement, is here; find it on the growth tab of InsideCHI. Click on Training (My CHI Knowledge Hub); no separate logon is required. A video tutorial on how to access courses also is available under the growth tab.

We'll use our new online learning system the same way we used LEARN: to complete annual education course(s), clinical certification assignments and other assigned training; complete elective courses; and manage transcripts, certifications and more. Most of us will first use My CHI Knowledge Hub to complete CHI Information Privacy and Security Awareness Training (FY19, Part 1), which is due Nov. 30.

What’s New?
My CHI Knowledge Hub introduces the latest technology and best practices in online learning and learning management, such as:

  • Personalized learning: You’ll receive suggestions for courses or curriculum based on your preferences (just like Amazon or Netflix give you personalized suggestions).
  • Robust reporting: Managers and instructors have access to more comprehensive reports.
  • Fresh content: The Hub has the latest in course content from leading learning providers.

What to Expect
You have access to the same courses in My CHI Knowledge Hub as in LEARN, just in a new format. We have reference guides available in the new system to show you the way.

Making the Transition
Your LEARN transcript history, or education history, will transfer to My CHI Knowledge Hub, though it will not be immediately available. We’ll let you know when it becomes available.

CE certificates earned after you begin using My CHI Knowledge Hub will be available in the new system. If you had unfinished assigned courses in LEARN, you’ll need to restart unfinished courses in My CHI Knowledge Hub. Your local learning team is ready to help you with the transition.

Information and Support:

  • Contact the CHI ITS Service Desk, 866.236.0441, with questions about logging into LEARN or any technical difficulties.
  • If you have requests for assignments and curriculum builds, please continue to work with your Learn Administrator, Carmelita Durham (KYLEARNEast@kentuckyonehealth.org).
  • If you receive a Single Sign-On Error Message when logging on to My CHI Knowledge Hub via InsideCHI, please submit a service ticket via email to chicustomersupport@catholichealth.net. Subject = Single Sign-On Error Message | Body of Email = I have received a single sign-on error when I try to access My CHI Knowledge Hub (include a screen snip of the error message if you can) | Signature = Include your name, facility with city and state, work email, work phone.

A Note for Divesting Operations: Employees in the divesting operations will continue to use LEARN, the learning platform supported by HealthStream Learning Management.