Holiday Decorations

KentuckyOne Health Divesting Operations

The holidays are upon us once again. When the weather turns cold and dark, we turn to brightening our indoors. The questions will come up, as they do every year, about what decorations are appropriate for our Jewish and Catholic faith-based heritage.

At our Jewish facilities, seasonal decorations are fine as long as they are not religious. The one exception is the Hanukkah menorah in the lobbies of Jewish Hospital downtown and Medical Center Jewish East. Entirely secular decorations, such as snowflakes and New Year’s greetings, are appropriate; symbols related to Christmas, including St. Nicholas and Santa Claus, are not.

At Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, a facility that has always been Catholic, religious symbols and other Christmas decorations are entirely appropriate.

Respecting the religious diversity of our patients, holiday decorations of their choice are always allowed in patient rooms as long as they meet the safety standards of the facility and do not interfere with staff’s ability to deliver care. Employees are free to decorate their personal office spaces, that is, those not seen by the general public, according to their own traditions. Again, these decorations should follow facility safety requirements.

Respect for all of our traditions enhances the joy and promise of the many holidays that will soon be upon us. Whatever tradition you embrace, may your celebrations be filled with joy and hope.