Holiday and Personal Time Balance Transition to 2019

KentuckyOne Health

As part of KentuckyOne Health’s paid time off program, we want employees to take time off when they are sick, need to attend to personal matters, or simply want to relax, refresh and recharge. Please note that with the start of the new year, your vacation and personal banks will be updated as follows:

  • Your four personal days for 2019 will be available for use as of Jan. 21. They will display in your records in HR/Payroll Connection on Jan. 18, and in Kronos on Jan. 21.
  • Your pay statement will show your updated vacation, personal and holiday bank balances for 2019 for the first time on the statement dated Feb. 1
Still have remaining 2018 personal days in your bank? Or unused holiday hours?

  • You can use your personal days for 2018 through Jan. 12; you’ll forfeit any unused personal days left over from 2018 on Jan. 13.
  • You can also use any remaining 2018 holiday hours (including those for Christmas Day) through Jan. 12. This applies to employees who are required to work holidays. If you don’t use that time by Jan. 12, the holiday hours will transfer to personal days you’ll receive for use in 2019, in addition to your annual allotment of four personal days (hours are pro-rated based on FTE status).
View CHI Q&A for more details about vacation, holiday and personal hours. Please note that for KentuckyOne Health, we follow the 32 personal hours and 48 holiday hours formula.