White Rose Program: Respecting Life

Jewish Hospital

White Rose Program Symbol
Jewish Hospital Palliative and Holistic Care Team have implemented the White Rose Program. This program is for patients receiving comfort care while approaching end of life.

A white rose symbol will be placed outside a patient door to indicate this care. The symbol of a white rose is for all team members to be respectful of any special needs for privacy and support that the family may have during this sacred time in the lives of our patients.

The symbol of a white rose is used as it is associated with new beginnings and reverence.

Instructional Alert to Staff:
  • If a team member sees a white rose symbol outside a patient's room, that means the patient inside the room is a comfort care patient who is approaching end of life. 
  • Please see the nurse before entering the room
  • Non-family visitors and interruptions should be limited; including lab, housekeeping, IT,  maintenance and UHS
  • Please maintain a calm, quiet peaceful environment upon entering
  • Contact Palliative Care Dept., Dr. Vickie Lowe, director of Palliative Care, with questions: 587.4391
Thank you to each staff member that helps to provide special care for our patients, family members and other staff during this time of transition.