JHS Team Pumps Iron and Hearts at Local Planet Fitness

Jewish Hospital Shelbyville

Cynthia Heady, RN, and Kasie Nutter, RN,
JHS Emergency Department
The early morning cardio workout that two Jewish Hospital Shelbyville (JHS) nurses and a Shelby County paramedic began last week at the local Planet Fitness turned out differently than planned.

Cynthia Heady, RN, and Kasie Nutter, RN, from the JHS Emergency Department, along with a paramedic for Shelby County EMS, abruptly stopped their workout when they heard the yell for help.

“We saw a person fall to the ground,” said Kasie Nutter. “We ran over and yelled for someone to call 911.”

According to Nutter, the person had no pulse. Fortunately, the person was working out with three trained lifesavers – and saving his life is exactly what they did!

“Cynthia and I started CPR while the paramedic ran to his car and grabbed his medical bag which had everything essential for a code,” said Nutter. “The facility manager grabbed the AED, and when we placed the pads on the person’s chest, a shock was advised. We shocked once, continued CPR, used an AMBU bag, and Cynthia started an IV.”

Right before EMS arrived, the person was revived. EMS transported the patient to a Louisville hospital where he received care and was later released.

“It was truly a miracle,” said Nutter as she recounted the incident. “This was an experience that none of us will ever forget!”

“I am so proud of our nurses,” said Annessa Baker, Site Executive/CNO at JHS. “This is an example of their dedication to everyone in our community. Our nurses don’t just have a profession, they have a passion for helping people. They live out their passion wherever the need arises, this time at the local gym.”